Karaoke Templater

Karaoke Templater is an Automation script that ships with Aegisub. Its primary purpose is to help creating karaoke effects with a specially designed template language. Karaoke Templater is already installed and ready to use along with Aegisub.

Tutorials: Introducing Karaoke Templater


Also see the Automation/Lua/Modules/karaskel.lua section for more information on what’s in the line and syl variables, and more.

For users of multi-template

If you have used the multi-template script from Aegisub 1.10 you should recognise several similar concepts in the karaoke templater, but there are also several pitfalls. Some of them are:

  • You no longer declare template lines in the Actor field but in the Effect field instead. You can also put much more than just template in there. Read the tutorials above for an introduction, or the reference below if you feel adventurous.
  • Instead of using percent-signs to write Lua code blocks you use exclamation marks. So write !$start+$i*30! instead of %$start+$i*30%.
  • The A global is gone, but line and syl are directly accessible. The escaped Lua code is no longer run in the true global environment but instead in its own environment, so clashes between your templates and Karaoke Templater itself is much less probable.
  • The return false hack to cancel execution of a template no longer works. Neither does having multi-statement Lua blocks and returning from them in general. For the first purpose the fxgroup functionality has been introduced, and for your multi-statement needs code lines have been introduced.
  • Instead of working with newline and line (for being-generated and original line) you now work with line and orgline for being-generated and original lines.
  • The retime function has been introduced to make it much easier to control the start and end times of your generated lines.
  • Lots of more fancy features. Check the tutorials or read the reference to learn about it all.