am/managerAutomationOpen automation manager
am/metaAutomationOpen automation manager. Ctrl: Rescan autoload folder. Ctrl+Shift: Rescan autoload folder and reload all automation scripts
am/reloadReload Automation scriptsReload all Automation scripts and rescan the autoload folder
am/reload/autoloadReload autoload Automation scriptsRescan the Automation autoload folder
app/aboutAboutAbout Aegisub
app/display/audio_subsAudio+Subs ViewDisplay audio and the subtitles grid only
app/display/fullFull viewDisplay audio, video and then subtitles grid
app/display/subsSubs Only ViewDisplay the subtitles grid only
app/display/video_subsVideo+Subs ViewDisplay video and the subtitles grid only
app/exitExitExit the application
app/languageLanguageSelect Aegisub interface language
app/logLog windowView the event log
app/new_windowNew WindowOpen a new application window
app/optionsOptionsConfigure Aegisub
app/toggle/global_hotkeysToggle global hotkey overridesToggle global hotkey overrides (Medusa Mode)
app/toggle/toolbarHide ToolbarToggle the main toolbar
app/updatesCheck for UpdatesCheck to see if there is a new version of Aegisub available
audio/closeClose AudioClose the currently open audio file
audio/commitCommitCommit any pending audio timing changes
audio/commit/defaultCommit and use default timing for next lineCommit any pending audio timing changes and reset the next line's times to the default
audio/commit/nextCommit and move to next lineCommit any pending audio timing changes and move to the next line
audio/commit/stayCommit and stay on current lineCommit any pending audio timing changes and stay on the current line
audio/go_toGo to selectionScroll the audio display to center on the current audio selection
audio/karaokeToggle karaoke modeToggle karaoke mode
audio/openOpen Audio FileOpen an audio file
audio/open/blankOpen 2h30 Blank AudioOpen a 150 minutes blank audio clip, for debugging
audio/open/noiseOpen 2h30 Noise AudioOpen a 150 minutes noise-filled audio clip, for debugging
audio/open/videoOpen Audio from VideoOpen the audio from the current video file
audio/opt/autocommitAutomatically commit all changesAutomatically commit all changes
audio/opt/autonextAuto go to next line on commitAutomatically go to next line on commit
audio/opt/autoscrollAuto scroll audio display to selected lineAuto scroll audio display to selected line
audio/opt/spectrumSpectrum analyzer modeSpectrum analyzer mode
audio/opt/vertical_linkLink vertical zoom and volume slidersLink vertical zoom and volume sliders
audio/play/currentPlay current audio selectionPlay the current audio selection, ignoring changes made while playing
audio/play/linePlay current linePlay the audio for the current line
audio/play/selectionPlay audio selectionPlay audio until the end of the selection is reached
audio/play/selection/afterPlay 500 ms after selectionPlay 500 ms after selection
audio/play/selection/beforePlay 500 ms before selectionPlay 500 ms before selection
audio/play/selection/beginPlay first 500 ms of selectionPlay first 500 ms of selection
audio/play/selection/endPlay last 500 ms of selectionPlay last 500 ms of selection
audio/play/to_endPlay from selection start to end of filePlay from selection start to end of file
audio/play/togglePlay audio selection or stopPlay selection, or stop playback if it's already playing
audio/save/clipCreate audio clipSave an audio clip of the selected line
audio/scroll/leftScroll leftScroll the audio display left
audio/scroll/rightScroll rightScroll the audio display right
audio/stopStop playingStop audio and video playback
audio/view/spectrumSpectrum DisplayDisplay audio as a frequency-power spectrograph
audio/view/waveformWaveform DisplayDisplay audio as a linear amplitude graph
automation/lua/cleantags-autoload/Clean TagsClean TagsClean subtitle lines by re-arranging ASS tags and override blocks within the lines
automation/lua/kara-templater/Apply karaoke templateApply karaoke templateApplies karaoke effects from templates
automation/lua/karaoke-auto-leadin/Automatic karaoke lead-inAutomatic karaoke lead-inJoin up the ends of selected lines and add \k tags to shift karaoke
automation/lua/macro-1-edgeblur/Add edgeblurAdd edgeblurAdds \be1 tags to all selected lines
automation/lua/macro-2-mkfullwitdh/Make fullwidthMake fullwidthConvert Latin letters to SJIS fullwidth letters
automation/lua/select-overlaps/Select overlapsSelect overlapsSelect lines which begin while another non-comment line is active
automation/lua/strip-tags/Strip tagsStrip tagsRemove all override tags from selected lines
edit/clearClearClear the current line's text
edit/clear/textClear TextClear the current line's text, leaving override tags
edit/color/outlineOutline ColorSet the outline color (\3c) at the cursor position
edit/color/primaryPrimary ColorSet the primary fill color (\c) at the cursor position
edit/color/secondarySecondary ColorSet the secondary (karaoke) fill color (\2c) at the cursor position
edit/color/shadowShadow ColorSet the shadow color (\4c) at the cursor position
edit/find_replaceFind and ReplaceFind and replace words in subtitles
edit/fontFont FaceSelect a font face and size
edit/insert_originalInsert OriginalInsert the original line text at the cursor
edit/line/copyCopy LinesCopy subtitles to the clipboard
edit/line/cutCut LinesCut subtitles
edit/line/deleteDelete LinesDelete currently selected lines
edit/line/duplicateDuplicate LinesDuplicate the selected lines
edit/line/join/as_karaokeAs KaraokeJoin selected lines in a single one, as karaoke
edit/line/join/concatenateConcatenateJoin selected lines in a single one, concatenating text together
edit/line/join/keep_firstKeep FirstJoin selected lines in a single one, keeping text of first and discarding remaining
edit/line/pastePaste LinesPaste subtitles
edit/line/paste/overPaste Lines OverPaste subtitles over others
edit/line/recombineRecombine LinesRecombine subtitles which have been split and merged
edit/line/split/afterSplit lines after current frameSplit the current line into a line which ends on the current frame and a line which starts on the next frame
edit/line/split/beforeSplit lines before current frameSplit the current line into a line which ends on the previous frame and a line which starts on the current frame
edit/line/split/by_karaokeSplit Lines (by karaoke)Use karaoke timing to split line into multiple smaller lines
edit/line/split/estimateSplit at cursor (estimate times)Split the current line at the cursor, dividing the original line's duration between the new ones
edit/line/split/preserveSplit at cursor (preserve times)Split the current line at the cursor, setting both lines to the original line's times
edit/line/split/videoSplit at cursor (at video frame)Split the current line at the cursor, dividing the line's duration at the current video frame
edit/redoNothing to redoRedo last undone action
edit/revertRevertRevert the active line to its initial state (shown in the upper editor)
edit/style/boldToggle BoldToggle bold (\b) for the current selection or at the current cursor position
edit/style/italicToggle ItalicsToggle italics (\i) for the current selection or at the current cursor position
edit/style/strikeoutToggle StrikeoutToggle strikeout (\s) for the current selection or at the current cursor position
edit/style/underlineToggle UnderlineToggle underline (\u) for the current selection or at the current cursor position
edit/undoNothing to undoUndo last action
grid/line/nextNext LineMove to the next subtitle line
grid/line/next/createNext LineMove to the next subtitle line, creating a new one if needed
grid/line/prevPrevious LineMove to the previous line
grid/move/downMove line downMove the selected lines down one row
grid/move/upMove line upMove the selected lines up one row
grid/sort/actorActor NameSort all subtitles by their actor names
grid/sort/actor/selectedActor NameSort selected subtitles by their actor names
grid/sort/effectEffectSort all subtitles by their effects
grid/sort/effect/selectedEffectSort selected subtitles by their effects
grid/sort/endEnd TimeSort all subtitles by their end times
grid/sort/end/selectedEnd TimeSort selected subtitles by their end times
grid/sort/layerLayerSort all subtitles by their layer number
grid/sort/layer/selectedLayerSort selected subtitles by their layer number
grid/sort/startStart TimeSort all subtitles by their start times
grid/sort/start/selectedStart TimeSort selected subtitles by their start times
grid/sort/styleStyle NameSort all subtitles by their style names
grid/sort/style/selectedStyle NameSort selected subtitles by their style names
grid/swapSwap LinesSwap the two selected lines
grid/tag/cycle_hidingCycle Tag Hiding ModeCycle through tag hiding modes
grid/tags/hideHide TagsHide override tags in the subtitle grid
grid/tags/showShow TagsShow full override tags in the subtitle grid
grid/tags/simplifySimplify TagsReplace override tags in the subtitle grid with a simplified placeholder
help/bugsBug TrackerVisit Aegisub's bug tracker to report bugs and request new features
help/contentsContentsHelp topics
help/forumsForumsVisit Aegisub's forums
help/ircIRC ChannelVisit Aegisub's official IRC channel
help/videoVisual TypesettingOpen the manual page for Visual Typesetting
help/websiteWebsiteVisit Aegisub's official website
keyframe/closeClose KeyframesDiscard the currently loaded keyframes and use those from the video, if any
keyframe/openOpen KeyframesOpen a keyframe list file
keyframe/saveSave KeyframesSave the current list of keyframes to a file
recent/audioRecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/0RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/1RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/10RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/11RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/12RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/13RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/14RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/15RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/2RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/3RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/4RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/5RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/6RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/7RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/8RecentOpen recent audio
recent/audio/9RecentOpen recent audio
recent/keyframeRecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/0RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/1RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/10RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/11RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/12RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/13RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/14RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/15RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/2RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/3RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/4RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/5RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/6RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/7RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/8RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/keyframes/9RecentOpen recent keyframes
recent/subtitleRecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/0RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/1RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/10RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/11RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/12RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/13RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/14RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/15RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/2RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/3RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/4RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/5RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/6RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/7RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/8RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/subtitle/9RecentOpen recent subtitles
recent/timecodesRecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/0RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/1RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/10RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/11RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/12RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/13RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/14RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/15RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/2RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/3RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/4RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/5RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/6RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/7RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/8RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/timecodes/9RecentOpen recent timecodes
recent/videoRecentOpen recent video
recent/video/0RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/1RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/10RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/11RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/12RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/13RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/14RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/15RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/2RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/3RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/4RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/5RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/6RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/7RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/8RecentOpen recent videos
recent/video/9RecentOpen recent videos
subtitle/attachmentAttachmentsOpen the attachment manager dialog
subtitle/findFindSearch for text in the subtitles
subtitle/find/nextFind NextFind next match of last search
subtitle/insert/afterAfter CurrentInsert a new line after the current one
subtitle/insert/after/videotimeAfter Current, at Video TimeInsert a new line after the current one, starting at video time
subtitle/insert/beforeBefore CurrentInsert a new line before the current one
subtitle/insert/before/videotimeBefore Current, at Video TimeInsert a new line before the current one, starting at video time
subtitle/newNew SubtitlesNew subtitles
subtitle/openOpen SubtitlesOpen a subtitles file
subtitle/open/autosaveOpen Autosaved SubtitlesOpen a previous version of a file which was autosaved by Aegisub
subtitle/open/charsetOpen Subtitles with CharsetOpen a subtitles file with a specific file encoding
subtitle/open/videoOpen Subtitles from VideoOpen the subtitles from the current video file
subtitle/propertiesPropertiesOpen script properties window
subtitle/saveSave SubtitlesSave the current subtitles
subtitle/save/asSave Subtitles asSave subtitles with another name
subtitle/select/allSelect AllSelect all dialogue lines
subtitle/select/visibleSelect VisibleSelect all dialogue lines that are visible on the current video frame
subtitle/spellcheckSpell CheckerOpen spell checker
time/continuous/endChange EndChange end times of lines to the next line's start time
time/continuous/startChange StartChange start times of lines to the previous line's end time
time/frame/currentShift to Current FrameShift selection so that the active line starts at current frame
time/lead/bothAdd lead in and outAdd both lead in and out to the selected lines
time/lead/inAdd lead inAdd the lead in time to the selected lines
time/lead/outAdd lead outAdd the lead out time to the selected lines
time/length/decreaseDecrease lengthDecrease the length of the current timing unit
time/length/decrease/shiftDecrease length and shiftDecrease the length of the current timing unit and shift the following items
time/length/increaseIncrease lengthIncrease the length of the current timing unit
time/length/increase/shiftIncrease length and shiftIncrease the length of the current timing unit and shift the following items
time/nextNext LineNext line or syllable
time/prevPrevious LinePrevious line or syllable
time/shiftShift TimesShift subtitles by time or frames
time/snap/end_videoSnap End to VideoSet end of selected subtitles to current video frame
time/snap/sceneSnap to SceneSet start and end of subtitles to the keyframes around current video frame
time/snap/start_videoSnap Start to VideoSet start of selected subtitles to current video frame
time/start/decreaseShift start time backwardShift the start time of the current timing unit backward
time/start/increaseShift start time forwardShift the start time of the current timing unit forward
timecode/closeClose Timecodes FileClose the currently open timecodes file
timecode/openOpen Timecodes FileOpen a VFR timecodes v1 or v2 file
timecode/saveSave Timecodes FileSave a VFR timecodes v2 file
tool/exportExport SubtitlesSave a copy of subtitles in a different format or with processing applied to it
tool/font_collectorFonts CollectorOpen fonts collector
tool/line/selectSelect LinesSelect lines based on defined criteria
tool/resampleresResample ResolutionResample subtitles to maintain their current appearance at a different script resolution
tool/style/assistantStyling AssistantOpen styling assistant
tool/style/managerStyles ManagerOpen the styles manager
tool/styling_assistant/commitAccept changesCommit changes and move to the next line
tool/styling_assistant/previewPreview changesCommit changes and stay on the current line
tool/time/kanjiKanji TimerOpen the Kanji timer copier
tool/time/postprocessTiming Post-ProcessorPost-process the subtitle timing to add lead-ins and lead-outs, snap timing to scene changes, etc.
tool/translation_assistantTranslation AssistantOpen translation assistant
tool/translation_assistant/commitAccept changesCommit changes and move to the next line
tool/translation_assistant/insert_originalInsert OriginalInsert the untranslated text
tool/translation_assistant/nextNext LineMove to the next line without committing changes
tool/translation_assistant/prevPrevious LineMove to the previous line without committing changes
tool/translation_assistant/previewPreview changesCommit changes and stay on the current line
video/aspect/cinematicCinematic (2.35)Force video to 2.35 aspect ratio
video/aspect/customCustomForce video to a custom aspect ratio
video/aspect/defaultDefaultUse video's original aspect ratio
video/aspect/fullFullscreen (4:3)Force video to 4:3 aspect ratio
video/aspect/wideWidescreen (16:9)Force video to 16:9 aspect ratio
video/closeClose VideoClose the currently open video file
video/copy_coordinatesCopy coordinates to ClipboardCopy the current coordinates of the mouse over the video to the clipboard
video/detachDetach VideoDetach the video display from the main window, displaying it in a separate Window
video/detailsShow Video DetailsShow video details
video/focus_seekToggle video slider focusToggle focus between the video slider and the previous thing to have focus
video/frame/copyCopy image to ClipboardCopy the currently displayed frame to the clipboard
video/frame/copy/rawCopy image to Clipboard (no subtitles)Copy the currently displayed frame to the clipboard, without the subtitles
video/frame/nextNext FrameSeek to the next frame
video/frame/next/boundaryNext BoundarySeek to the next beginning or end of a subtitle
video/frame/next/keyframeNext KeyframeSeek to the next keyframe
video/frame/next/largeFast jump forwardFast jump forward
video/frame/prevPrevious FrameSeek to the previous frame
video/frame/prev/boundaryPrevious BoundarySeek to the previous beginning or end of a subtitle
video/frame/prev/keyframePrevious KeyframeSeek to the previous keyframe
video/frame/prev/largeFast jump backwardsFast jump backwards
video/frame/saveSave PNG snapshotSave the currently displayed frame to a PNG file in the video's directory
video/frame/save/rawSave PNG snapshot (no subtitles)Save the currently displayed frame without the subtitles to a PNG file in the video's directory
video/jumpJump toJump to frame or time
video/jump/endJump Video to EndJump the video to the end frame of current subtitle
video/jump/startJump Video to StartJump the video to the start frame of current subtitle
video/openOpen VideoOpen a video file
video/open/dummyUse Dummy VideoOpen a placeholder video clip with solid color
video/opt/autoscrollToggle autoscroll of videoToggle automatically seeking video to the start time of selected lines
video/playPlayPlay video starting on this position
video/play/linePlay linePlay current line
video/show_overscanShow Overscan MaskShow a mask over the video, indicating areas that might get cropped off by overscan on televisions
video/stopStop videoStop video playback
video/subtitles_provider/cycleCycle active subtitles providerCycle through the available subtitles providers
video/tool/clipClipClip subtitles to a rectangle
video/tool/crossStandardStandard mode, double click sets position
video/tool/dragDragDrag subtitles
video/tool/rotate/xyRotate XYRotate subtitles on their X and Y axes
video/tool/rotate/zRotate ZRotate subtitles on their Z axis
video/tool/scaleScaleScale subtitles on X and Y axes
video/tool/vector_clipVector ClipClip subtitles to a vectorial area
video/zoom/100100%Set zoom to 100%
video/zoom/200200%Set zoom to 200%
video/zoom/5050%Set zoom to 50%
video/zoom/inZoom InZoom video in
video/zoom/outZoom OutZoom video out