Not dead yet

Posted June 5, 2011 by jfs ‐ 1 min read

Aegisub is still alive!

Recently I’ve seen people asking whether Aegisub is dead, or what is happening, so it’s probably a good idea to write an update on it.

First: No, Aegisub is not dead. There is still at least a bit of life left. Version 2.1.9 is being prepared for release right now, and the main blocker for the Windows version right now is getting the user interface translations updated.

However, it’s very true that activity has been especially low since the new year passed. None of us have had enough time to work on Aegisub, or school, work, or other projects have taken priority. Also there has been a change on the team, verm (Amar) has left, and this might also be part of the reason activity has dropped.

Missing translations: Unfortunately, we are missing contact to the translators for three languages, which might delay the 2.1.9 release. We are missing translators for Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. If you think you can help with either of those languages, you can learn more about the translation process on our developer wiki: Translations

The current goal is to release 2.1.9 before the end of June, but as always, it’s hard to make any promises.