The epic of Aegisub-tan

Posted July 26, 2008 by Unknown ‐ 2 min read

A while ago, jfs and I thought that it would be interesting to have a mascot for Aegisub, similar to the OS-tans from Futaba. She would be a chibi-style mascot, wearing light plate armor and holding a staff, and she would be seen in places like the splash screen, or in “loading” and “Aegisub crashed” dialogs, with different expressions to show her “mood” (e.g. crying when Aegisub crashes).

So we tried to contact several different artists, and many of them seemed to be quite interested in drawing at least a concept for her - but all of them eventually gave up. Is there any hope for an Aegisub-tan?

This is the description that I posted on the Wiki article (a little modified):

  • “Chibi” style, 2 to 3 heads tall.
  • Long white hair.
  • On her left hand, she holds Aegis, the program’s name giver (this).
  • On her right hand, she holds a magic baton (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha style) with a cog in it. This represents Automation.
  • Below her knee, on her chest, shoulders and hands, she wears red light armor plating, matching the shield. These should be simple, but curvy and shiny. Above all, they should look very light (as in, opposite of heavy).
  • Below her armor, she wears grey (black?) tights. They cover her body and legs, but not her arms or neck.
  • Also on her head, she wears a black/grey (same colour as underlying clothes?) beret.

(Keep in mind that the above description is NOT set on stone, and is just how I visualized her).

I even attempted to draw her myself. This is my pathetic attempt:

At this moment, many people lost hope in an Aegisub-tan. We even considered paying an artist to draw her, but nobody was really interested in donating money to the cause.

In conclusion: does anyone feel like drawing her? What we really need at first, I believe, is a high-resolution concept art, to go on splash, logo, t-shirts, etc. After that, we would need several small vectors of her doing many different things, but it’ll be much easier to find artists to draw THOSE after we have a final concept drawn.

If you’re interested, please leave a comment!