Script Properties

The script properties are some headers and other options that affect the entire script in various ways. They can be accessed from the File menu -> Properties.


The properties are:

  • Title, Original script, Translation, Editing, Timing, Synch point, Updated by and Update details - These are for informational purposes only and do not affect rendering in any way. Set them to appropriate values if you find them useful.

  • Resolution, YCbCr Matrix, Scale border and shadow - See the Script Resolution page for the meaning of these fields.

  • Wrap style - Controls how the subtitle renderer will break lines that are too long to fit on one line. The modes are:

    • 0 - The default mode. “Smart” wrapping; if a line is too long to fit on a line by itself, breaks it into two roughly evenly long lines, but prefers the top line to be wider. \N (note capital N) can be used to insert a manual linebreak.
    • 1 - Inserts a linebreak when the line reaches the edges of the frame (minus margins); i.e. if it’s just one word too long to fit on a line by itself, you get the last word all by itself on the bottom line. Almost never useful. As with 0, \N can be used for manual linebreaks.
    • 2 - No automatic linewrapping at all; if a line is too long to fit inside the video frame, it will just continue outside the frame. \n and \N can be used to insert manual linebreaks.
    • 3 - Same as mode 0, but prefers the bottom line to be wider. Note that for a long time VSFilter’s implementation of this was buggy and would sometimes insert extra blank lines or have lines with a single word on them.

The wrapping mode should almost always be zero. Mode two is sometimes useful for long lines which are scrolled or manually line-broken, but should be set on a per-line basis with the \q tag.