Aegisub 1.01 beta Changelog

Released: November 6, 2005

  • Substation Alpha style audio timing (left click = start, right click = end) implemented as an option (AMZ)
  • Fixed loading of SSA styles in VB Hex if they contained a space or tab around them (AMZ)
  • Fixed crash when trying to apply overrides on a line with *Default or non-existing style (AMZ)
  • Fixed unhandled exception when attempting to load unknown audio formats (AMZ)
  • Fixed bug causing artifacts like {\fs40{\fnArial}} if you tried to insert style with cursor positioned just to the left of } (AMZ)
  • Fixed bug causing crashes on lines with multiple adjascent override groups (AMZ)
  • Fixed delay in playing audio by switching implementation from WMME to DirectShow (AMZ)
  • Focus is now set back to editbox when you click on of the style override buttons (AMZ)
  • Installer now checks for user level and OS compatibility before installing (movax)
  • Holding down shift while hovering video now shows coordinates relative to bottomright corner (AMZ)
  • Pressing Play when video plays now pauses it (AMZ)
  • Can now choose font for text field on grid and edit box (AMZ)
  • Added karaoke “skeleton” include Lua script (karaskel.lua) and a demo showing its usage (8-skeleton.lua) (jfs)