Aegisub 3.0.3 Changelog

Released: June 29, 2013


  • Fix crash when playing audio before time 0 (#1556)
  • Round syllable durations to centiseconds when splitting syllables
  • Save the horizontal zoom correctly (#1597)
  • Uninvert horizontal scrolling on OS X (#1612)


  • Fix bug where FloatEdit controls would sometimes not report the selected value (#1610)
  • Actually select the correct things in the Select Overlaps macro (#1594)

File IO

  • Give temporary files proper extensions to make it easier to open them when something goes wrong
  • Show an error message when writing a file fails
  • Fix reading subtitles from Matroska
  • Fix a case where unicode characters would result in inconsistent and baffling errors when loading Lua scripts (#1576)
  • Fix loading non-ascii actor names from plain-text files
  • Obey the option for setting the number of recently opened subtitle files to remember (#1592)


  • Disable Ubuntu’s global menu bar for Aegisub, since there’s a pile of issues with it (#1531)
  • Use Lua 5.1 when both it and 5.2 are available (#1559)


  • Fix a capitalization error in Info.plist (#1547)
  • Fix crash when trying to set hotkeys (#1589)

Subtitles Editing

  • Commit pending audio changes on Enter in the edit box (#1544)


  • Add Dutch translation
  • Update Finnish translation
  • Update Arabic translation


  • Fix some cases where the detached video dialog would get set to bogus sizes
  • Add .m4v to the list of video file extensions
  • Fix loading y4m files
  • Release mouse capture from the visual tools when the zoom is changed