Aegisub 1.06 beta Changelog

Released: November 29, 2005

  • Fixed severe audio stability issues (AMZ)
  • Fixed size of last character in editbox with syntax highlight off (AMZ)
  • Fixed audio stopping issue (e.g. forcing you to press S or Space twice) (AMZ)
  • Five splash screens are now available. Set “Splash number” to 0 in config.dat to get a random one. Defaults to Akari. (AMZ)
    • (1) Misuzu from Air TV
    • (2) Lucy from Elfen Lied
    • (3) Kozue from Mahoraba
    • (4) Lamhirh (aka Lafiel) from Crest of the Stars
    • (5) Akari from Aria
  • Added function (Ctrl+6) to shift selection so first line goes to current frame (AMZ)
  • Automation now loads scripts both with and without UTF-8 BOM. They are still required to be UTF-8 encoded. (jfs)
  • Fixed crash-bug in Automation related to internal item-count in tables used as arrays (jfs)
  • Automation now displays a proper progress-bar during processing
  • New function in Automation: aegisub.set_status(text), displays a status message below the progress bar during processing. aegisub.output_debug(text) also does that, but additionally adds the message to the debug log. Debug log is only shown if output_debug was actually called. (jfs)
  • New functions in Automation: aegisub.frame_from_ms(ms) and aegisub.ms_from_frame(frame) for doing per-frame effects (jfs)
  • Modified some of the example scripts for Automation. Scripts based on karaskel.lua might break now! (jfs)
  • Added some UTF-8 handling functions to utils.lua (jfs)