Aegisub 3.0.1 Changelog

Released: October 8, 2012


  • Updated Russian translation
  • Updated Greek translation
  • Partially update Finnish translation
  • Fixed some errors in the Portuguese translation
  • Fix packaging issues with the Serbian translation
  • Make it possible to use all of the translations on OS X


  • Update the size of the karaoke syllable bar when the window is resized
  • Add scroll arrows to the karaoke syllable bar when the contents are too wide to fit
  • Change the color of the karaoke syllable split cursor to indicate whether it’ll add or remove a split
  • Increase the hit area for removing karaoke splits a little
  • Remove the correct split when clicking to the left of a split line


  • Re-add the “Play current line” button to the audio toolbar
  • Stop video playback when the stop button is clicked in the audio toolbar as 2.1.9 did
  • Scroll the audio display after a click near an edge when auto-scrolling is enabled
  • Recenter the audio display if a newly selected line is very close to an edge in addition to if it’s not fully onscreen, as 2.1 did


  • Fix subtitle timing issues after loading a timecodes file
  • Fix rounding error that resulted in 30000/1001 FPS video being treated as 30001/1001 FPS