Aegisub 2.1.8 Changelog

Released: January 30, 2010

This should list all changes in Aegisub between version 2.1.7 and 2.1.8. A few minor things may have been missed, but it shouldn’t be anything important.


  • Official Mac, Linux and Unix versions. The Mac version is still alpha quality, though, and we don’t have specific binary packages for many Linux distributions.
  • Fixed the “Could not lock buffer for filling” problem when playing audio on Windows 7, and rarely on Vista too.
  • The video display is now much more compatible with limited OpenGL drivers and should work on all systems, notably Windows Vista and 7 with standard drivers.
  • Clicking “Play” on the video now only plays audio if you have explicitly opened audio from the Audio menu. If you want to hear any sound you now must load audio via the Audio menu.
  • The Portable version is now (almost) full-featured, only missing is ASSDraw3, because making a portable version of that is non-trivial. We also have an upgrade installer saving you a lot of download, if you already have 2.1.7 installed.


  • Fixed a bug with the Kanji Timer feature, where clicking some buttons before setting everything up could cause a crash. (#977)
  • The Transform Framerate export filter didn’t work correctly at all. (#1014)
  • All common occurrences of “Could not lock buffer for filling” on Windows should be fixed. (#1028)
  • Fixed a possible crash with an uncommon sequence of actions in the colour picker. (#1025)
  • The Detached Video is moved into view on opening now, if it was partially or entirely outside the desktop area. (#1040)
  • The version checking function was completely rewritten to work on all platforms and be more flexible. (#1071, #365, #970, #1080)
  • The “play audio from video” function was removed, the Play buttons for video now only play audio if audio has been loaded. This is done because we can’t support the playback reliably otherwise. (#1090)
  • Handle malformed SSA/ASS files missing the [Script Info] line. (#440)
  • Several strings that should be translatable weren’t. (#791, #792)
  • Fixed a glitch in the new DirectSound audio player, causing strange behaviour if dragging the selection start during playback. (#915)
  • Split (by karaoke) sometimes created lines that couldn’t be properly joined back by Join (as karaoke) later. (#929)
  • If holding the Shift key while dragging audio selection start/end markers, sometimes the time edit boxes did not get updated (#942)
  • Prevent making the audio selection have negative start or end times. (#942)
  • The “relayer” function in Karaoke Templater did not work. (#950)
  • Fixed a visual glitch with spell-checker suggestions in the subs edit right-click menu. (#971)
  • The Hour field in the Jump to dialogue box was not filled in correctly when the box opened. (#1003)
  • Added support for the undocumented \fs+ and \fs- tags to various transformation functions. We recommend avoiding these tags as they may not be supported in all renderers. (#1007)
  • Rewrite the file type associations code and interface on Windows, to conform better to the guidelines and overall integrate better with the Windows shell. (#1037)
  • Add support for the \iclip tag to the “Clean Tags” Automation script. (#1044)
  • The Windows installation program now confirms that existing shortcuts point to an Aegisub version being upgraded before overwriting them. (#1046)
  • Automatically set the video zoom level on video load, so the video never takes up too much space in the window. (#1054)
  • Fixed the subs edit not being able to use all fonts on Windows. (#1072)
  • Fixed a crash in the style manager when copying a style from storage to subtitle file, and the subtitle file already had a style by the name. (#1096)
  • Automation 4 Lua truncated the “spacing” field to an integer on read back, instead of keeping it as a float as it should. (#1019)
  • Rewrite parts of the video display to better handle OpenGL drivers with reduced features, notably the Direct3D-based implementation by default shipped with Windows Vista and Windows 7. (#1020)
  • The Windows installer will offer to remove an existing Mesa3D OPENGL.DLL file in the Aegisub install directory, as it’s generally no longer needed for reliable video. (#1057)
  • The Windows installer now installs VSFilter as csri\VSFilter-aegisub.dll to avoid possible clashes with VSFilter.dll files in other locations. Any existing csri\VSFilter.dll is removed.
  • General improvements to robustness of the Windows installer.
  • If upgrading from 2.1.6 or earlier, an existing Aegisub.exe will now be renamed to aegisub32.exe during installation, to help Windows update existing shortcuts later.
  • If the offline manual isn’t installed, clicking a Help button will open the online manual instead.
  • On Mac, added an option in the Help menu to open a folder with example files and other goodies. (#1033)
  • The Mac version uses wxWidgets 2.9 instead of 2.8.10, which overall gives much better stability and UI experience.
  • Update to a newer FFmpegSource2 version that fixes many video-related bugs. (#1017, #1030, #1048)
  • Many fixes to the Unix build system. (#831, #989, #1064, #1074, #998)
  • Added an OSSv3/OSSv4 audio player for Unix systems. (#1089)
  • On Mac, show a message while FontConfig is building or rebuilding its index of fonts on the system, for subtitle preview. (#841)
  • Fix a crash issue, if trying to add a word to a dictionary where the word contains characters that can’t be represented in the encoding the dictionary file is stored in. (#999)
  • Fixed several bugs in the colour picker, causing the screen dropper tool to only work on Windows. It now also works on X11 and Mac. (#748)
  • Fix minor graphical glitch with the main tool bar flickering when changing line. (#1117)