Aegisub 1.04 beta Changelog

Released: November 16, 2005

  • Fixed audio vanishing when video aspect ratio is overriden (AMZ)
  • Added “End” hotkey to play audio in styling assistant (AMZ)
  • Improved the way that the TXT parser handles comments (AMZ)
  • Autocommit with SSA mode will no longer popup warning if you have negative time (AMZ)
  • Added “Resample Resolution” tool that changes resolution and modifies everything in script to conform to it (AMZ)
  • Aegisub now asks if you want to load files linked with subs (AMZ)
  • Changed audio autofocus to be an option (disabled by default) (AMZ)
  • New lines created by reaching end of file and pressing enter now default time to end of last line, lasting 5 seconds (AMZ)
  • Fixed issues with duplicated lines (AMZ)
  • Styles manager now properly flag file as modified (AMZ)
  • Styles editor now commits changes to video imediately (AMZ)
  • Audio commit no longer resets selected syllable to first (AMZ)
  • Added “Apply now” button in Automation Manager to instantly apply a script to the currently loaded subs (jfs)
  • Moved encoding selection during export to a combobox in the Export window (jfs)
  • Fixed bug where the [Script Info] line disappeared when exporting to a non-UTF encoding (jfs)
  • Fixed small layout issue on Export dialog (AMZ)
  • Fixed another crash with karaoke timing (AMZ)