Aegisub 3.1.0 Changelog

Released: January 4, 2014

Audio and Timing

  • Greatly improved downmixing for audio with more than 2 channels
  • Also move karaoke markers after the dragged marker if Ctrl is held down (#1557)
  • Improve Unicode support in the karaoke split/join bar
  • Report a more useful line number for bad lines in the Timing Post Processor (#1596)
  • Default to only showing the maximum in the waveform view
  • When zooming the audio display with the scroll wheel, zoom into the mouse’s position rather than the center of the display
  • Significantly improve the automatic matching in the kanji timer
  • Skip empty lines when copying karaoke timing


  • Fix crash when something other than a string is passed to error()
  • Match HTML colors in a way that actually works in extract_color (#1575)
  • Implement the “coloralpha” automation control type
  • Switch the re module from wxRegex to boost.regex and fix a bunch of bugs
  • Drop support for non-UTF-8 scripts
  • The subtitles object can now be iterated over with ipairs as if it were a normal table
  • Add native support for MoonScript
  • Add support for using standard button ID in dialogs (#1609)
  • Load autoloaded automation scripts in parallel for slightly faster startup
  • Improve error reporting and actually include a stack trace
  • Double the size of the log window
  • Make it harder to break the included modules by defining a global function with the same name as a lua built-in
  • Trying to log a string which could be converted to a number now works correctly
  • Return full paths from and rather than just the filename


  • Create new files each time when autosaving so that opening an old version of a file after a crash doesn’t overwrite the newer autosaved version (#1155)
  • Add a dialog for opening autosave and crash recovery files rather than having to dig around in %APPDATA%\Aegisub (#781)


  • Case insensitive find now works for all languages rather than just things sufficiently English-like (#1342)
  • Add an option to skip override tags (##104)
  • Add an option to skip comments (##683)
  • Actually obey the “In Selection” option for things other than Replace All if multiple lines are selected
  • Search from the position of the character rather than the position of the last thing found
  • Remove the “update video” option since it didn’t actually do anything

Fonts Collector

  • Improve reporting when a font is missing a whitespace character used in the script (#1553)
  • Fix some cases where the wrong font was being selected
  • Show a more useful error message when the style used by a subtitle doesn’t exist


  • Significantly reduce the performance penalty of ASS Attachments
  • Vastly cut down on memory usage with large subtitle files
  • Speed up committing changes a bit
  • More work is done on background threads to avoid blocking the UI
  • Improve indexing performance
  • Prefetch the font list for the style editor to make it open much faster on systems with large numbers of fonts installed


  • Add partial HiDPI support
  • Use the native placeholder text functionality rather than the custom logic which worked slightly differently
  • Make it sort of possible but awkward to set hotkeys (#1589)
  • Properly handle dead keys in the edit box (but still not IMEs)
  • Fix a bunch of CoreText warnings on 10.9
  • Sign the binary to avoid Gatekeeper warnings on 10.8+


  • Updated from hunspell 1.2.1 to 1.3.2 on Windows
  • Improve spellchecker word splitting (#1206)
  • Allow removing added words from the dictionary (#1184)
  • Add an option to ignore uppercase words (#1460)


  • Fix changing the MRU limit for subtitle files (#1592)
  • Actually select the correct lines in the select overlaps macro (#1594)
  • Fix loading keyframe files with Windows newlines on non-Windows platforms
  • Add support for ffmpeg/avconv’s keyframe format
  • Add support for the scroll wheel to the video slider
  • Eliminate a bogus limit of 100 for a bunch of rarely-used options
  • Add Backspace to the keys that commands can be bound to (#1631)
  • Add support for the Windows 7 taskbar progress bar
  • Make saving transient UI state in the file optional (#1535)
  • Improve support for locales which use a comma as the decimal separator

Subs Edit Box

  • The buttons in the main edit box can be hotkeyed
  • By default, Alt+1-4 activate the appropriate color buttons
  • Add alpha to the color picker dialog
  • Add a character counter which shows the number of characters in the longest line of the currently selected subtitle
  • Add an option to show the contents of the current line when it was first selected
  • Make syntax highlighting better match VSFilter’s parsing
  • Always add the spellchecker language list to the context menu
  • “Split line at cursor” can be hotkeyed
  • Change the Effect box to a combobox like the Actor box (#1461)
  • Be less dumb when subtitles lines are pasted into the edit box

Subtitles Grid

  • Insert new lines before/after the active line rather than the first selected line
  • The grid can be scrolled past the end of the file
  • Paste over now replaces the selection if multiple lines are selected, since that’s what most people seem to expect it to do
  • Do a better job of picking a new active line after deleting lines (#1595)
  • Only paint the margin values in the grid if they’re non-zero
  • Replace “Duplicate and Shift by 1 Frame” with “Split lines at video position”

Subtitle Formats

  • Drop support for ASS2 since it didn’t really work and no one used it
  • Drop support for the “Collisions” property in ASS file since VSFilter doesn’t support it
  • Fix loading subtitles from Matroska files without track names
  • Improve behavior when character set detection fails
  • Add an option to not skip blank lines when importing plain text files
  • Fix double-prompting to pick a character set in some cases (#1512)
  • Make the SRT parser more forgiving of malformed files (#1614)
  • Support loading subtitles from improperly concatenated matroska files
  • Fix some issues with writing EBU STL files


  • Add Galician translation by Nuria Andión
  • Actually add the translations to the desktop file on linux


  • Drop MPC-HC VSFitler and default to xy-VSFilter now that CCCP has switched
  • Honor the color matrix tag from the subtitles file when appropriate (#1649)
  • Update the title of the detached video dialog when videos are opened (#1607)
  • Add the command video/subtitles_provider/cycle, which can be hotkeyed to quickly switch between VSFilter and libass on Windows

Visual Typesetting Tools

  • Fix some cases where tags other than the one(s) being actively manipulated were being modified (#1513)
  • Update all selected rows in the clip tools rather than just the active line
  • Lock aspect ratio in the scale tool when alt is held down
  • Add box selection to the move mode of the vector clip tool (#1404)
  • Significantly speed up dragging lots of vector clip control points
  • Make the X/Y rotation grid much bigger
  • Apply the line’s shear to the x/y rotation grid